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Bacon Ice Cream - What I had for dinner

Oct. 21st, 2007

03:42 pm - Bacon Ice Cream

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We have made bacon ice cream and pronounced it good. It's a basic egg custard base, with brown sugar instead of white, and with finely chopped crispy bacon bits (we elected to leave out the pecans this time). We bought a rasher of thick cut bacon, baked it crispy, then cut it up very fine. The bacon went in at the last minute or two of the conversion process. We tried it when it was still "soft serve" consistency. It's currently ripening in the fridge.

With each bite, I made faces, not being able to reconcile Bacon In Ice Cream, even though this had been my idea (with full agreement by the Boyfriend). It was good, I guess, definitely not bad, and I couldn't stop eating it till my bowl was empty, but my brain still hurt trying to make it work mentally.

We decided that it's great breakfast food: bacon, eggs, & milk!

I can't wait till it's been through the freezer and is officially finished.